Leak detection system
The system monitors the flow of water and when a leak is detected, the system notifies the user and cuts off the water flow by closing a valve.
Characteristics of the system
The system consists of a water leak sensor and ball valve
Advantages of the GreenHub system
Wireless connection
Connection to the outlet is not required. The battery-powered sensor operates for 10 years.
Ready to use
Ready for use straight out of the box. The battery is installed.
Simple installation
Instant access. Put the leak sensor on the floor near appliances or water sources.
Only important alerts
The system doesn't bother with small matters, since doesn't alert to splashes
Purpose build
Water resistant and flat enough to fit under appliances
Mobile application
System alerts users to leaks and gives constant updates on smart devices
The leack detection system consists of
The Hub intelligent control panel is a key element of the smart home. Any GreenHub smart system can be connected to it.
Ball valve
Electrically operated ball valve is installed on existing water main. It automatically shutts off water supply in case of leak.
Leak sensor
Leak detector is installed near appliances and in case of leack it communicates with the water valve controller and turns water off.
Add new devices and manage the system from anywhere in the world
Get constant updates through the app and notifications of any leaks
GreenHub mobile application
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